How to get there Using car, train or airlines


Le Castella is about 20 Km from Crotone.

By plane: Sainte Anne's airport (Crotone)
Telephone : +39.0962.794388
Website :

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By train: Railway station of Crotone.
Links with: Rome. Naples, Reggio Calabria, Milan, Bologna
Telefono : +39.0962.26856

By car

From north: Follow the highway A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria as far as the exit of Sibari-Spezano and go on the road SS 106 towards Reggio Calabria.

From south: follow the highway A3 as far as the exit of Firmo and go on towards Sibari and take S.S. 106 towards Reggio Calabria.

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