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panoramica del castello - © Bella ItaliaUp to yesterday Le Castella was still the same after long centuries of its life.

Till yesterday, as well as late in the past, people could reach the village from the hinterland, through the only carriage road, which wouldn't have been found even in the most detailed road atlas.

This road led off from the Isle of Capo Rizzuto and wound along a large game preserve of Calabria, where boars and fallow deer could live in safety and wide fields sown with seed corn and forages.
Today as  yesterday, an impressive stillness of this plain, with its rough grazings of sheep and oxen, gives people the chance of enjoying a striking landscape.

The roofs of the low houses show their greenish colour and the tower stands out from an imposing masonry. A very painstaking niche marks the beginning of the road leading to the centre of the village. Everything reminds us the best provincialism of the XIXth century.

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